The European Institute for Outdoor Adventure Education and Experiential Learning (EOE) -Conference at Metsäkartano Youth Centre 3.-7.10.2023


Theme: How to cope with the future?

What outdoor and adventure education have to offer in this uncertain world?

Climate change, extinction of species and wars have created a world where it is difficult to trust anything or anybody. Uncertainty is affecting every individual, community and society. Global and local are now concretely blending and global events are affecting the way we buy our groceries, fill our tanks, and heat our houses. Reacting to crises and taking on board youngsters’ reactions are big challenges to everyone working with youth. When we are building trust, we must be able to deal with our own emotions, to be a safe adult and to open up hope for the future. There are special challenges in working with refugee youngsters and their families. It is also a great challenge to give support to youngsters dealing with climate anxiety in a way that gives them tools to be active, resilient citizens and to build a more sustainable future.

With the theme ”How to cope with the future?” we would like to invite youth workers, teachers, early childhood educators, social workers, therapists, immigrant social workers and researchers in the field to explore together how outdoor and adventure education and experiential learning can help to build a sustainable future and at the same time increase wellbeing.

We invite you to present your points of view, methods, ways of working, research and ideas relating to climate change and environmental disasters and how to encourage holistic wellbeing and resilience. We would love to create a space where practitioners, lecturers and researchers meet and get to have a peek into each other’s worlds.


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