Finnish Youth Centres and Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is the process of learning through experience, more specifically defined as “learning through reflection on doing”. Skills, knowledge and experience are acquired outside a traditional academic classroom setting.

Experiential learning focuses on the learning process for the individual, which is based on four main elements operating in a continuous cycle during the learning experience:

  • Concrete experience
  • Reflective observation
  • Abstract conceptualization
  • Active experimentation

Training in the Spirit of Lifelong Learning

All Finnish Youth Centres are perfectly situated for inspiring outdoor activities. The Youth Centres offer safe and attractive facilities for school camping groups. The children can learn much about Finnish culture, lifestyle and nature and improve their learning, teamwork, self-reflection and social skills, which will help them move forwards in life with confidence.

We provide a safe yet inspiring experience by tailoring our activities based on individuals’ skills within the children’s groups. For us, group dynamics, the children’s self-esteem, personal growth and social skills are of the utmost importance. The children return home with more holistic abilities for learning, lovely memories and useful experiences they will treasure for life.

Nuoria leikkimässä pihalla

At the Finnish Youth Centres, we welcome education professionals to learn new professional skills by way of exploring the process of learning through experience in peaceful surroundings by lakes, forests, hills and Arctic nature. We take advantage of our beautiful nature with four full seasons in the fresh Finnish countryside when using experiential learning methods, focusing on environmental education and adventure education as well as approaching different school subjects in a holistic way.