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Finnish Youth Centres in Finland supports youth and their development by offering goal-oriented programmes with an educational and experiential emphasis in a safe environment. Our activities are founded in the principles of community, solidarity, equality, a healthy lifestyle, multiculturalism and internationalism and respect for the environment and life.

Targeted services and expertise

Looking for the perfect nature setting and accommodations for your next camp or training session? Or perhaps you are in need of a spacious venue with excellent services for your next business or leisure event? The nationwide network of Finland’s Youth Centres is the perfect solution. Professionals who work with children and youth or specialize in education or youth work are our most valued customers, and seminars and training sessions in the education and guidance of youth are arranged by the Youth Centres regularly. We are proud to provide competent service and a safe environment for a wide range of activities at a reasonable price.

Camps, adventures and relaxing getaways 

Youth Centres specialize in full-service education camps for school groups, theme and hobby camps, nature expeditions, hiking treks and daily activities with many focuses like nature and the environment, history, culture, handicraft skills, exercise and fitness, and of course games and play. Four of Finland’s Youth Centres feature a dedicated education programme focusing on nature and the environment. Our expert instructors utilize hands-on methods whenever possible. Two key components of all of our programmes are working autonomously to boost social empowerment and as a team to learn important group skills. Set in some of Finland’s most beautiful natural settings, all of the Youth Centre activities foster an appreciation and respect for the inspiration and history found in the nearby surroundings.

International exchange
International work with young people is the cornerstone of Finland’s Youth Centre operations. We seek to provide young people with the opportunity to experience the vitality of different cultures in a respectful multicultural environment. Camps, exchanges, seminars, visits, study abroad and international youth events allow young people to appreciate the importance of learning new languages and becoming familiar with new cultures. Experiences like these broaden young people’s view of the world and make them more tolerant. Our aim is to encourage young people to move beyond their boundaries and support their own unique strengths, abilities and skills. Youth Centres offer young people international experiences via the Youth in Action and European Voluntary Service programmes, for example.

A wise person once said: I did not understand my own culture until I experienced ten others.

Nuotta coaching

Nuotta coaching is a social youth work project supported by the Finnish Ministry of Education that is aimed at young people between the ages of 13 and 28. Nuotta coaches seek to empower young people and challenge them to take control of their own daily routine: assisting with such things as time management, the ins and outs of social life and life management skills. Nuotta encourages social engagement and supports young people in their efforts to take responsibility for their study and work paths. At its core, Nuotta provides a tool kit for young people to take better care of themselves.

Contact Information

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Coordinator of International affairs
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Finnish Youth Centres are financed and overseen by the Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture.