Safety first is a matter of pride
Adventures in an international environment
A great youth education and recreation partner
Learn to know yourself better
Positive experiences together as a group
Promoting growth of children and youth
Supporting the work of schools
Providing skills, development and services
Children and youth are our specialty

Finnish Youth Centres are financed
and overseen by the Finland's
Ministry of Education and Culture.

Working to benefit children and youth

Suomen nuorisokeskusyhdistys ry (SNK ry) - Finnish Youth Centres - is entrusted with the non-profit civic responsibility of promoting a good life for children and young people.

Finnish Youth Centres specialize in providing a safe and nurturing operating environment for young people to experience, learn, and have adventures that encourage personal growth.

Our knowledge of young people and developmental expertise supports youth participation and aids in their growth and development towards active citizenship.

This knowledge is not only founded on years of experience working with young people, but also successful cooperation with municipalities, school and various organizations, in addition to our special status as a partner to the Ministry of Education in the administration of government youth policy.

Youth Centres

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